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Stress free move for you and your pets.

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Using our crates to move your Pets.

Moving house can be a stressful time for both you and your pets. it is important to be well prepared and ensure your pet stays safe throughout the move.

Prestige Pet Services would take the stress out of moving your Pet or Pets on the day of the move. We would arrive early and settle your animals into our clean, safe pet crates. You can specify at the time of booking the size of crates you wish to use and the amount you require. Use of our large comfortable crates are all included in the price of the quote. We can arrange all bedding, litter trays for cats and water dishes. if you would like your pet to travel in their own bed thats no problem we will just supply a bigger crate and we can fit it in. We will also transport all your pets toys, scratch posts, bedding, food and dishes at no extra cost.

Sometimes a good idea can be placing your pet in a Cattery or Kennels near your new home a few days before you move, this has the advantage of knowing your pets are safe whilst packing away and knowing that when you bring your pet to the new house everything will be ready and settled for them.

Prestige Pet Services could collect your pets and take them to the Cattery or Kennels for you.

You may wish to consider placing your pet in a boarding kennel or Cattery for the duration of the move, which has the advantage of keeping your pet safe and stress-free while allowing you to attend to the details of the move. Once safely ensconced in your new home, with everything unpacked and order restored, collect your pet and dedicate the time needed to settle into the new environment. Do not forget, if you intend boarding your pet, vaccinations and worming will need to be up to date – allow for this when planning your move.

We only use airline approved Vari Kennels to transport pets, one of the safest kennels for animal transport money can buy and are recommended by experts all over the world.
The Vari kennel safety features include strong plastic shells and sturdy wire mesh door. Vari Kennels Also include side ventilation grills and water bowls that clip on the door.

So if it's 1 cat 5 miles or 6 cats 600 miles give us a call, we transport them all.

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